Jun 22, 2012

Updated Feed

I've updated my RSS/Atom feed. I'm sorry if you were following the original one, but as the whole scope of the blog has changed, I figured I should update the feed. The link to the new feed is still at the bottom of the page. If you still want to follow it, it is available, and I apologize for breaking your old feed.

I also apologize for not taking the time as of late to update the blog. I've been busy working / looking for a new job. Hopefully something pans out, I have a few phone calls to make tomorrow, and I've applied for a few different positions, so hopefully something comes along. Keep your fingers crossed.

I've also changed my major, specialization for college and heading into my Bachelor's, so that's exciting. I have a two week break between my classes, so I will definitely have a little more time to keep up on things like this blog. I'm also hoping to update my tech blog over at PawTucket Inc. The Feed over at that site has been implemented, so if you want to follow that one as well, feel free. Hope you enjoy.

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