Mar 3, 2013

Death of a Rose

Plant a seed and watch it grow
What you reap must be sown
The spurt of bud with the stem
The fragility of  life begins
With the strength of the stem grow the leaves
Time to grow out of your childhood dreams
Watch as the buds begin to bloom
You've become an adult all too soon
The thorns that stop what is craved
The road is sharp that life has paved
The blossom that lasts forever
Don't let yourself say you never...
The infinite fall of the last petal
Watch the ground as it settles


I originally wrote this poem when I was about 16 or 17. The inspiration came with a lot of thoughts about the beauty and sadness the comes along with realizing your mortality. Death, just like beauty is an unstoppable force.

This is my favorite piece of artwork, it speaks volumes in 4 panels. I will one day own a copy of it to hang on my wall.

Image details:
Adonis Werther