Jun 12, 2012

Sorry Been Busy

"Sorry, been busy." My usual mantra. Busy, busy, busy. I never have time; always busy. That's how I roll.

Not lately. ~ Eah ~ Sorta true. I have had busy spouts, where I'm busy for a few hours, but then I get distracted, and find myself doing something else. I know my blog so far, if you've been following, has been that I generally stay pretty busy. But the last few weeks I've really calmed down. I've been slowing down and trying to enjoy myself for a bit.

I expect that I'll resume my rampant pace very shortly, but for now, I just need a moment to breath.

It's time for me to stop for a minute and evaluate my life. I know I'm working on too much, and other area's have been faltering because of it. I haven't been spending as much time with my family, or my friends. For the last few months it's been nose to the grindstone, and a million projects all at once.

I've been working on dmotivated.com, writing articles for PawTucket, trying to keep up with this blog, going to school, working a full time job, and in between, teaching myself new stuff as much as I can and working on stuff for other people. I wake up 7 or 8 every morning, and go to bed between 2 and 4 every evening. On the weekends I have to make myself go to bed even at those times, or I'll try and pull an all-nighter. I go to work Monday through Friday, 9 to 7, 8, 9 - whenever, and then come home and get right back to work. When I get up in the morning I get right on the laptop, and work right up until I go to work. Then When I get home, I'll grab some chow, and say hey to the kids if they're still awake, then get right back to work right up until the wee hours of the morning.

On the weekends, I get home Friday night I'll stay up until 4 or 5, sleep until 9 or 10, then wake up, grab a cup of coffee and my laptop, then head out onto the porch for  pretty much the remainder of the day. I take small breaks here and there to do what I need to do, but most of the time I spend working. And I do this until Monday morning.

What is work?

Well my day job, I'm overseeing branch activities and working in a vault. A position I've come to despise. I was being vetted for branch manager, but that didn't pan out. So now I am the vault supervisor. I take care of day to day operations, and see to the place when the boss is out --which is frequent to say the least. It has literally become just a place that generates an income until my other endeavors start to pay out or until I can find another job; the later is preferred, but beggars can't be choosers.

After the day job is when the magic happens. That's when I'm doing what I do love to do, coding, reading, learning, and writing. I come home, check the media outlets as most people do, promote my main site with it's fan page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I spend about an hour doing that, then I'll divvy my night up with school work, coding, reading anything I can get my hands on about web development and programming, and writing articles. I don't publish every article I write. They'll get published eventually, but I just draft them out and have them ready to go until I have time to polish them up and publish.

This is what I want to do with my life, but I'd like to work less hours, and actually get paid for it. That is my goal, and I'd like to accomplish it within this year. That's why I keep busting my own ass, trying to stay on top of everything, keeping busy, no time for anything but progress. It takes me a few days to get most stuff done, but that is because of my pile of stuff called a to-do list. I try to break it all up, and do a little here, a little there.

Lately, the last few weeks, as I was originally saying, I've been a bad boy. I've stumbled a bit, and have been finding solace in video games. It used to be a very bad habit, and if I don't watch myself, may become one again. They help me escape reality just for a little bit, and let me immerse myself in another world. When I get stressed, I play more games; it's like running away, but without actually running. Sometimes, it's a nice change of pace from my day to day. Usually I can go a few months without even turning on a system. But lately, I've been play for a couple hours a day. I need to get back to work and stay focused, but the appeal has been too strong.

My day job hours have gotten unpredictable again, and my absent minded boss is literally absent more often.   But the bad part is he's still there, bugging me on the phone and over email. Most of my stress is caused by this job, and yet, I can't seem to get away, and can't afford to. I'll pull myself together, it's just taking a little longer than usual. I need to snap out of this, and get back to being productive; but at the same time I feel like I've earned a little bit of a breather. I feel like there is something lurking around the corner; something pretty big. I'm feeling that it's going to be a good change and hope I'm not just being optimistic.

To my friends and family, I hope you understand. I'm not ignoring you, I truly am not. I am just in one of those periods in my life where I know what I want, I'm just in the process of trying to get it. Please have faith and bear with me while I chase my dreams.

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