May 5, 2013

Who I Am

I am a social creature by nature, and a poetic waste of flesh. I exist purely to be beneficial to all those around me; a defiant servant. I am a misfit by popular demand, nonconforming to society's whimsical and often outright comical downfall. I am unadulterated. A symbol of the battle between duality; devoured by a pseudonym hellbent on chaos; an id on overdrive. A destiny that awaits it's realization.

My currency is not weighed by materialistic embellishments, but rather by the thoughts and ideas I forcefully provoke in those around me. I will stop at nothing to lead others to the truth that lies behind the curtain of silk and under the mountain of filth hidden behind it. My actions are not led by hidden motives, but a need to succeed. I have witnessed the decay of those who are great, but afraid to take the lead. I am not afraid to take that stand.

I am not a monster! I am simply unafraid. Harm can only come to you by those in which you allow. Being withdrawn is not a character flaw, its a safety net. I'm unwilling to adapt. I cannot and will not change who I am or what I do. I try to be an embodiment of honesty. Sometimes I thinly try to hide it, but I will never refute it, nor will I apologize for it. 

As I watch the world slowly consume itself, I know that I am who I am for a reason. Finding that reason is what keeps me unfettered in my defiance. I will go along to keep along as long as I can. I will discover the fracture in these these metaphorical binding shackles that society has placed upon me. When these binds are broken, there will be nothing to stop me from displaying my true potential. I am more than what I am now, and every day these chains get a little weaker.