May 13, 2012

What is [D]Motivated?

I started this blog as a way to share demotivational posters from around the web that I found humorous. I wanted a site that was exclusively demotivational posters, and a great user community that also enjoyed them as well. Most of the demotivational sites that I have found around the web are mostly blog rolls, and while you find things here and there, i wanted to give users the ability to look at groups of them at the same time, and only be forced into looking at the ones that they wanted to, not all of them in a continuous stream.
I didn't really have any real web experience at the time, and didn't really know where to start. The blog was a way for me to get started while I taught myself the ins and outs of web development. It eventually tapered off while I progressed with my experience, and the closer I became to publishing the format I truly dreamed of, the less I posted here. I finally published [D] on Halloween night 2011; it seemed fitting.
Everything from the blog, as far as media and jokes were migrated off to [D], and I expected this blog to eventually die off; at which point I would just take it down. To my surprise, that didn't happen, the dying off part anyway. I still get several thousand visitors here a month. I think I may just use this blog as a blog is intended for, a live journal, a series of posts relating to the same thing. Maybe i'll find it therapeutic in a way. I figure if we're still getting traffic, I might as well entertain the masses.
I will be posting musings from time to time, things that I observe in the world around me, and things that piss me off with the world, and give people a chance to chime in their opinions as well. I'll probably be posting images from [D]Motivated as well, my favorites, as I am still a fan of the poster/saying layout. Until then, Casper out.

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